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They say content is king, but who has time to write? And, with all of the new gardeners due to Covid-19, it is important for IGC's to encourage and be a resource for their success.

To help you with this vital part of your marketing and educational effort, GCS has a massive library of professionally written articles for you to edit to suit your business.

Articles may be used on your website, in an eblast, broken down to post on social media, or used anywhere else that you desire. You'll get a great deal of usage from each article.

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Winter Articles

7 Top Trees for Multi-Season Interest
A Buffet of Berries for Winter Birds
A Kitchen Herb Garden
Anti-Desiccants: Why, What, and When
Attracting Birds to Your Garden
Bay: An Herb Worth Enjoying
Bird Feeding 101: Low Maintenance Suet Feeding
Bloom Phalaenopsis, Bloom!
Blooming Plants: Brighten Your Home & Office
Caring for Forced Bulbs
Caring for Orchids
Christmas Fairy Gardens
Colorful Clematis – America's Favorite Flowering Vine
Creating Humidity for Houseplant Health
Decorating Your Home With Houseplants
Design a Raised Landscape That Works
Dill, Delicious Dill
Don’t Miss Out on Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost'
Dormant Pruning With the Proper Tools
Early Spring-Blooming Perennials
Easy-to-Grow Indoor Herbs for Winter
Family Gardening: Attracting Wildlife to the Garden
Feeding Birds in Winter
Feeding the Birds
Feng Shui in the Garden
Flirting with Spring
Getting Tools Ready for Spring
Getting Your Trees and Shrubs Ready For Winter
Growing Plants Under Artificial Lights
Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants
Helleborus - A Perennial for the Ages
How Many Houseplants Do You Need?
Ideas for Creating Winter Interest in the Garden
Insect Control Begins Now
Japanese Pieris
Keeping a Garden Journal
Living Christmas Wreath
Low Light Houseplants
Orchids: Exotic Beauties To Warm The Winter
Outdoor Holiday Decorations
Plants for Winter Interest & Holiday Decorating
Pruning Fundamentals
Reaching New Heights with Tall Perennials
Rotating Your Vegetable Crops
Seed Starting
Size Up Your Site: A First Step in Planning Your Landscape
Spice Up Your Herb Garden With Horseradish
The Benefits of Plants in the Workplace
The Best Birdseed for Winter Finches
The Edible Garden
Tooling Around in the Garden: Selecting and Caring for Garden Tools
Tools for Holiday Gift Giving
Valentine Gifts From the Garden Center
Variegated Solomon's Seal
Vegetable Gardening With The Seasons
Winter Composting the 3-Bucket Way
Winter Gardener’s Calendar
Winter Interest in the Garden
Worm-Casting Tea
Year-Round Container Gardens

Early Spring Articles

A Feast for the Eyes
A Mindful Bouquet From Your Own Flowerbeds
Acid-Loving Plants
Add a Calming Corner to Your Garden
Azaleas - An American Favorite
Basics of Balcony Gardens
Beyond the Wreath: Plants to Decorate Your Doors
Bringing the Garden Indoors
Cold-Tolerant Flowering Plants
Cool Wave Pansy
Create Successful Shrubs With Proper Pruning
Creating a Meditation Space in Your Garden
Damping Off Disease
Dealing With Winter Damage
Dianthus ‘Firewitch’
Dividing Hybrid Hellebores
Early Spring Gardener’s Calendar
Eastern North American Native Ferns
Endless Summer Hydrangeas
Geranium 'Biokovo'
Growing in Flower Pouches
Growing Under Black Walnut
Growing Veggies in Containers
Heath or Heather
Herbs As Companion Plants
Holey Moley, Shrew or Vole!
Hops for the Home Garden
How To Succeed At Seed-Starting
Hurry Up the Harvest - Ways to Extend the Growing Season
Keeping Cats Out of the Garden
More Than Just Mulch
Mowing. Do It Right
Needled Evergreens for a Shady Space
Nothing Says Welcome Like an Entry Garden
Nurturing Spring Bulbs
Peace Interrupters to Remove From Your Garden
Peach Leaf Curl
Plants for Wet Soil
Position Your Houseplants for the Best Effects
Pre-Emergent Control of Crabgrass
Protecting Our Pollinators
Protecting Your Sprinklers From Winter Damage
Pruning Evergreens
Pruning Forsythia
Putting on Airs: Tillandsias
Scented Geraniums
Soil 101
Spring Lawn Renovation
Sweet Peas, the “Queen of Annuals”
The Praying Mantis in Your Garden
Tips for Layering Bulbs
Trackable Tools
Tree Peony: The Ancient Empress
Trees For Small Spaces
Tremendous Turf
Watering: How Much?
What is "pH?" Why Is It Important?

Late Spring Articles

Amsonia hubrichtii
Attracting Hummingbirds
Beetle Mania
Begonias for the Home
Caution in the Garden… Chlorosis
Choosing the Right Flowering Tree
Communal Supplies for a Community Garden
Conserving Water Through Proper Planting
Crape Myrtles
Creepers & Crawlers: Ground Covers for Walkways
Determinate Versus Indeterminate Tomatoes
Dwarf Evergreen Conifers
Edging and Trimming
Edible Flowers
Flower Carpet Roses
Fungus Gnats
General Soil Amendments
Get Your Mint On!
Great Gifts for Mom
Green Gardening
Growing and Containing Rampant Spreaders
Growing Exotic Citrus
Growing Grass in the Shade
Growing Mint in Your Herb Garden
Heavenly Hosta
How to Improve Clay Soil
Jump Start Your Pond
Kids and Nature: Uncovering Surprises Everywhere
Ladybug or Lady Beetle?
Late Spring Gardener’s Calendar
Let Me Out! Moving Houseplants Outside for the Season
New Shrub Raspberries
Ornamental Grasses
Perennial Power
Pink Muhley Grass
Planting Basics – Trees & Shrubs
Protect Your Japanese Maples
Rain Barrels
Raise ‘Em Right
Raising Root Crops
Rock Gardens
Rose – Queen of the Garden
Rose Care Basics
Shade Gardening: A Natural Opportunity
Shrub Bouquets
Spider Mites
Succulent Container Garden
Summer Sizzles With Crocosmia
Tomatoes and Peppers – A Gardening Tradition
Top 10 Disease-Resistant Crabapples
Top 10 Fool Proof Houseplants
Top Native Shrubs for Year-Round Interest
Try Delosperma
Try Something New: Pomegranates
Vegetable Garden Weed Control
Vertical Gardening for Small Spaces
Watering Tomato Plants
Wild About Window Boxes
Woolly Adelgid
Worrisome Weeds
Yellowjackets: Good Guys or Bad?

Summer Articles

A Taste of the Tropics
Adding Nighttime Garden Accessories & Accents
Basil: King of the Herbs
Battling the Bugs of Summer
Best Scents for a Mindful Garden
Blossom End Rot
Bringing Butterflies to the Backyard
Butterfly Bush
Choosing Evening Plants for Fragrance, Color and More
Color Combinations
Crazy for Coneflowers
Daylilies... Easy to Grow, Fun to Collect!
Dealing With Drought
Dealing with Powdery Mildew
Eliminate Water Garden Algae
Fabulous Hydrangeas for Show-Stopping Summer Color
Fourth of July Porch Pots
Garden Accents
Gardening With Children
Goji Berry (Wolfberry)
Grasses With Gusto
Great Gifts for Dad
Grow a Calming Container Garden
Grow a Salad in a Single Pot
Grow Your Own Grilling Herbs
Growing and Storing Herbs
Growing Zucchini
Gussy Up the Veggie Garden
Inorganic Mulches: Are They Right for You?
Know What You're Eating - Grow It Yourself
Ladybugs: The Good Guys
Landscaping the Pond
Less Pain, More Gain: Ergonomics in the Garden
Light Up Your Landscape
Lighting Up Your Nighttime Garden
Long-Blooming Perennials for Summer
Lyme Disease
Magnificent Mountain Laurels
Naturescaping With Regional Perennial Wildflowers
Of the Variegated Variety: Variegated Shrubs for the Landscape
Perennial Flowering Vines
Perennials for the Cutting Garden
Plant a Patriotic Flower Garden
Protecting Trees From Drought Stress
Pruning Red Raspberries
Sedum: A Sunny Ground Cover Solution
Shade Gardening With Perennials
Shrubs for Summer Color
Simple Water Features for Small Spaces
Small Shrubs for the Perennial Border
Starting Up With Succulents
Summer Blooming Trees
Summer Gardener’s Calendar
Summer Lavenders
Summer Watering Tips
Tent Caterpillars
The Cotinus Craze
The Cottage Garden
The Enabled Gardener
The N-P-K of Fertilizer
Think Outside the Window Box
Tropical Outdoor Living Room
Vegetable Gardening Tidbits
Versatile Hydrangeas
Watering When Away
What a Knock Out!
What to Do During a Drought
Wise Watering
Working With Your Sandy Soil