Horticultural Therapy

There’s nothing like a beautiful garden, but gardening itself is about much more than aesthetics. Did you know that studies have shown that there are numerous health benefits associated with gardening: mentally, physically and emotionally. We’re all aware that the fresh air, exercise and sunshine received while gardening is good for us, and it is important to let customers know these facts.

Educate your customers by providing them with the information pertinent to their life and lifestyle choices.

Place Horticultural Therapy signage around your garden center to enlighten or remind your customers of the many benefits of purposeful gardening while assuring them that their health is important to you.

Horticultural Therapy Sign Specs
12″ x 18″ Single-sided Correx Signs
Hardware not included but sold separately.

Sold Separately – $15 each*
Set of 3 – $30*
Buy 12 or More (Mix & Match) – $7 each*

*Plus shipping from Pennsylvania.

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