Adapting Your Business Model for the Dynamic COVID Landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer behavior worldwide. Retailers need to identify and implement current trends to help boost sales in an environment where less foot traffic is part of the ‘new normal’. Providing your customers with an easy to use, online shopping environment where they can remain socially distant but still purchase the products […]

Videos: The Latest Marketing Revolution

Video content is progressing rapidly as a vital component of your marketing plan. Are you taking advantage of this compelling tool? Here are some quick facts for you to embrace video content marketing: Video can lead to direct sales – 74% who watch an informative video about a product, purchased that item. Most information transmitted […]

2020: Reinforcing Your Brand or Confusing Consumers?

Although important, branding is so much more than an attractive logo or catchy tagline. Oh, if it were only that simple! A powerful brand conveys what your business does and what can be expected of you. It’s crucial to your business to know that your brand begins with, first and foremost, your customers’ experience. Your […]

SEO vs. AdWords – Two very different ways of getting to the top

There are a number of variables involved when it comes to your site’s placement in search engine results. The term for this is SEO (search engine optimization). There is no 100% method to ensure that your site is ranked at the top of the results, so beware of anyone who tells you that they can […]

List Acquisition

While your loyal customers are important, you should always be prospecting for qualified prospective ones to broaden your customer base and replace those lost to attrition. Acquiring new customers is most effectively achieved through list acquisition, a service that we provide to our customers. Many marketing companies claim to have the “best” lists. All list […]

Responsive Web Design and Why it Matters

People are no longer using only desktop PCs and laptops to view your website. With the ubiquity of mobile phones, tablets and other web-enabled devices, you need something that accommodates everyone. Responsive web design is the technique used to create websites that adapt or ‘respond’ to the different ways in which people access your website. […]

Congratulations to these Fortunate Show Winners!

Thanks for participating in our Raffle! Here are the prize winners. Atlantic Garden Center – Virginia Beach, VA A FREE onsite marketing consultation. Includes all travel expenses for Angela to visit your IGC and up to 6 hours of consultation. $2,500 approximate value (1 Winner) Bosco’s Garden Center – Simsbury, CT 1,000 FREE Planting Guides. Customized for […]

Don’t Let Opportunity Fly Away

Grab Your Share of the Growing Wild Bird Market Wild Bird Feeding is a growing hobby. Consumers are looking to conserve nature, add beauty to their backyards, and involve their families at the same time. These are many of the same motivations that bring customers to an independent garden center for their gardening needs, but […]

Direct Mail and your marketing campaign.

With Direct Mail, your business can: Determine the best audience for your message. Mail’s targetability lets you focus media dollars on those most likely to respond. Choose what to measure – from offers to creative elements. You can then use this data to improve effectiveness. Reach almost anyone – virtually every consumer has a mailing […]

Independence Day

Independence Day is next Friday and folks are getting their yards ready for the holiday. Help them out! Today is the day to start pushing the red, white & blue. Pre-made planters in these colors are a sure sale for holiday bar-b-ques. And, talk about bar-b-ques, how about a deal on grills for the summer […]