2020: Reinforcing Your Brand or Confusing Consumers?

Although important, branding is so much more than an attractive logo or catchy tagline. Oh, if it were only that simple!

A powerful brand conveys what your business does and what can be expected of you. It’s crucial to your business to know that your brand begins with, first and foremost, your customers’ experience. Your brand is born and comes to life in actions and relationships and is only reinforced, displayed, conveyed and enriched with your logo, tagline, marketing materials, website and social media presence

Effective marketing increases sales. Together, solid relationships and a clear branding plan will increase loyalty, turning customers into advocates, even campaigners, for your business, helping to organically grow your reputation and client base.

Garden Center Solutions is one of the few leading marketing strategy companies in the country that specializes in IGC branding. We’ve been serving independent garden centers for 18 years. We guide our clients through the process of brand development with a distinctive and effective approach combined with exceptional design.

Our offerings include:

Brand Strategy
Brand Implementation & Design
Brand Management

Visit igcbranding.com for additional branding information.