Don’t Let Opportunity Fly Away

Grab Your Share of the Growing Wild Bird Market

Wild Bird Feeding is a growing hobby. Consumers are looking to conserve nature, add beauty to their backyards, and involve their families at the same time. These are many of the same motivations that bring customers to an independent garden center for their gardening needs, but studies show that most consumers are still purchasing their wild bird supplies at the big box stores. According to Ask Your Target Market, more than 80% of consumers are buying their supplies at places like Walmart or Home Depot.

Change that, by offering things Big Box stores may not:

  • Offer Early Bird or Early Order Discounts on Wild Bird seed and feeders.
  • Hold workshops or talks in your store about wild birds and how to attract them.
  • Display signs and handouts detailing what feed, feeders or plants are best for the birds.

Get a piece of this growing market by being the helpful experts on wild bird feeding, fostering the same reputation as you have for gardening advice. Customers will reward you for your efforts.

GCS can help, with our all new Wild Bird program, including all the pieces you need to grab your share of the market.