Independence Day

Independence Day is next Friday and folks are getting their yards ready for the holiday. Help them out!

Today is the day to start pushing the red, white & blue. Pre-made planters in these colors are a sure sale for holiday bar-b-ques. And, talk about bar-b-ques, how about a deal on grills for the summer season. I heard that the mosquitoes are bad this year. We’ll be needing something to take care of that! July and August generally bring a drought. Push the rain barrels, hoses, drip irrigation systems, soaker hoses, timers, sprinklers, watering wands, etc.

You get the picture. They need what you’re offering, the key is – you have to offer! Do that now with a highly effective and low cost emailer. We can send yours out this week and as many times as you like before the 4th at no additional charge. We’re ready to knock it out for you. Give us a call.

Happy 4th!