Videos: The Latest Marketing Revolution

Video content is progressing rapidly as a vital component of your marketing plan. Are you taking advantage of this compelling tool? Here are some quick facts for you to embrace video content marketing:

  1. Video can lead to direct sales – 74% who watch an informative video about a product, purchased that item.
  2. Most information transmitted to our brain is visual – so videos boost engagement.
  3. Videos build trust – watching a video gives consumers more confidence to purchase the items you are featuring.
  4. Google loves videos – with longer viewing time, search engines are signaled that you have good content, hence moving you up in search engine rankings. 53 times more likely if you have a video on your site!
  5. Video is easy to consume – video preference is obvious – showing and explaining makes it much easier to learn or absorb the information.
  6. Email blasts with videos have a 96% higher click through rate – make sure you are using video in your email marketing.

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