List Acquisition

While your loyal customers are important, you should always be prospecting for qualified prospective ones to broaden your customer base and replace those lost to attrition.

Acquiring new customers is most effectively achieved through list acquisition, a service that we provide to our customers. Many marketing companies claim to have the “best” lists. All list come from the same source. We would like to be transparent and tell you how we come up with a mailing list that is uniquely constructed and most effective for your business.

We begin your list with those addresses in the area most likely to shop your location. This information is based on driving time, population density and project budget. Next, working with you, we identify and input the demographics that are conducive to your potential shopper (single family home, specific interests, income, age, etc.). Finally, our Axiom data source provides us with a list that meets these criteria.

If you currently have a loyal customer list, we run it through the new list to remove any duplicate addresses. This is referred to as ‘list suppression’. This procedure also provides important information used in market share analysis.

Our Fees:
List – .09 – .12 per name
List Suppression – $99.00
Market Analysis $150.00