Multi Channel Marketing

What’s the best way to market your business effectively, affordably, and easily without investing a great deal of time? GCS Multi-Channel Marketing!

A campaign in their mailbox, on their phone, and through digital ads. We handle ALL the details for you! Start with a postcard and let GCS turn it into an entire multi-channel marketing campaign!

Your customer

  • receives a direct mail piece,
  • receives an email,
  • sees an ad on their social media feed,
  • sees an ad while shopping online, and
  • sees an ad while surfing the internet.


  • Brand awareness
  • Customer loyalty
  • Enhanced long-term relationships
  • Smart spending for your marketing dollar

How does GCS do this for my business?

Targeting: We use your mail list, a procured demographic ‘gardener’ list, or a combination of both, for the most targeted marketing benefit.

Message: We work with you to develop a campaign promotion and ‘look’ to meet your needs.

GCS Multi-Channel marketing allows you to provide your customers with an integrated marketing experience that yields the greatest ROI for your marketing dollar!

Example budget of $5,000 includes:

  • 5,000 postcards mailed – sized 5.5” x 8.5” (using your own list)
  • E-blast sent to your subscribers as many times as you like
  • Icons for your social media
  • Campaign art for your website
  • 2 digital ads served up daily to the 5,000 potential customers for a 2-week period