Don't get us wrong, stock imagery is great, in fact, we use it too... sometimes.

Here’s the problem: The best stock images from the most popular online suppliers are frequently overused. Often, our designers spend hours poring over stock images, selecting the finest to complement our print and web copy, only to encounter those same images in marketing materials distributed by other companies. We have found that stock images have become commonplace. What’s more, the time spent to peruse thousands of photos to cherry-pick the very best is time consuming and the fees to rent these images are high, all adding to the bottom line.

In order to rectify these problems, Garden Center Solutions is proud to now announce our own outstanding collection of photos and videos available only through our print and web work. Our staff of photographers, artists and horticulturists have spent the past year photographing, filming, labeling and categorizing massive amounts of relevant visual material to build our impressive and extensive photo and video library. Our collection continues to grow daily. No longer will you need to worry about encountering your images on someone else’s marketing materials and the savings gained in selecting from our own compilation is reflected in our affordable yet superior product.